Rafiki Beads & Trips

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Rafiki Beads & Trips is a lifestyle brand that focuses on enjoying life and sharing positivity with people around the world. Our accessories are all handcrafted with care by women in rural villages of Kenya in the Maasai Tribe. We also offer life-changing experiences through Rafiki Trips join us and discover the world.  


About Us.

We empower people to rise above poverty. We are creating sustainability. We are breaking the cycle of poverty, one woman at a time. 

Creating a path towards independence. We are Rafiki Beads. 

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Our mission at Rafiki Beads is to be a vehicle for change. We are providing a portal for these women to sell their jewelry in a market that they otherwise would not have access to. 

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Discover the World, Discover Yourself.Step outside your campus and volunteer in the Maasai Village. Embark on a journey that will lead you to unforgettable places and remarkable people.


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       What's Rafiki Trips?

Our mission is to be a vehicle for change.

We believe by equipping people living in poverty with skills, opportunities and resources it will change their circumstances forever. We believe in the capabilities of people. By providing jobs, education and mentorship to our artisans we are able to create a path towards independence.