Rafiki Beads is a social enterprise that aims to improve the lives of underprivileged women in the Maasai Tribe of the country of Kenya. We sell various handmade crafts created by these women to raise money and provide jobs for them. Feel free to browse our site, and see how big of an impact your purchase could have on someone's life today.

I would love to work with Rafiki Beads because the organization has found a unique way to remain sustainable, provide economic stability, and improve maternal health care for women living in the Maasai village. I am especially fond of Rafiki Beads because it is incredible how the organization has made such a large impact on the lives of the villagers by utilizing the strengths of the women of the village. Whereas, many larger efforts made by organizations such as the United Nations and Habitat for Humanity oftentimes lack projects that are truly sustainable, and come from a third-party perspective. Rafiki Beads is special because it is directly benefitting the women of the Maasai as they are also able to keep the project afloat with their talents. With the combination of my studies and involvement in Student’s Helping Honduras, I have come to realize that there is nothing I enjoy more than the exchange of knowledge and culture. I believe the partnership of learning that can occur through Rafiki Beads and the volunteer trip to Kenya is phenomenal.